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Use Cases

Bank Use Case

Credit scoring signals

Company-related gazette notices are essential signals in credit, notifying of both major credit events (winding-up notices, creditors meetings, liquidations, mergers etc) and minor ones (filing of annual reports, changes in share capital, changes in registered address). We can supply continually updated feeds of gazette notices via the OpenCorporates API, or regularly updated dumps via SFTP.

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Company Use Case


Gazettes notices are critical when on boarding new clients, as they contain important information linked to the legal entities to which they refer – information that is typically not in company registers, including previous liquidation events, and KYC signals. The data in OpenGazettes can be seemlessly integrated into your onboarding process via the powerful OpenCorporates API.

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Journalist Use Case


Gazette notices contain subtle and critical information for investigators, information that is not available at any other public source, including references to shareholders, directors, addresses, and professional advisors (e.g. auditors, lawyers). OpenGazettes free-text search allows millions of gazette notices across multiple jurisdictions to be searched simultaneously in seconds.

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