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About OpenGazettes

OpenGazettes is a new project by OpenCorporates to make government gazettes more visible, more useful, and more relevant.

Despite a 300-year-old legacy and being the public record for legal notices, government gazettes (also called official journals in some EU countries) are astonishingly poorly known outside, even by those who are affected by their contents. This is why OpenCorporates – with the help of a grant from ODINE, an open data incubator by the European Union – decided to build OpenGazettes.

Gazettes are particularly useful when researching or assessing private companies, particularly critical corporate events such as liquidation, dissolution, winding-up orders, annual general meetings or director actions. In short, gazettes are an untapped and critical resource, but in their native form are notoriously challenging to work with. They are unstructured, inconsistent and designed for a pre-digital age. OpenGazettes aims to be a significant step towards changing that.

OpenGazettes is therefore working to make gazette notices perform their true public purpose, by making them discoverable, searchable, browseable across multiple countries, and, where they relate to companies, connecting them to those companies.

Our primary focus is on company-related notices, but there are many other types of notice too, including government regulations and tenders, bankruptcy notices, and property-related notices. To balance the interests of access to the information – these are notices who’s specific purpose is to be public – with other rights, we have created a privacy policy, particularly to guide how we handle non-company-related notices.

Access to the gazette notice data is available under a share-alike open data licence (contact, or for proprietary users under a non-share-alike notice for a fee (contact via our API at